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10 Things You Can Do to Support Marijuana Law Reform

If you think there’s nothing you can do to help legalize marijuana, think again. Your actions are important and opinions matter to the people in office who have the ability to legalize marijuana.

Here are 10 specific actions you can take:

1. Keep current on the state of legislation and prohibitions about marijuana by joining mailing lists for responsible and reputable organizations that support marijuana law reform. 

2. Make your voice heard by sending letters to your state and federal congressional representatives and senators supporting intelligent marijuana reform.

3. Spread the word to others through conversations, circulating petitions to support legalizing marijuana and encouraging others to become active in this cause.

4. Put your views in print by writing letters about the need for reforming laws that govern marijuana usage and sending them to the editor of your local newspaper.

5. Ask your local radio stations to sponsor an educational program about the benefits of medical marijuana and ask your local government officials to participate or at least, listen.

6.  Meet with state legislators and congressional representatives and present your support for legalizing marijuana. Meet with state and federal senators, as well.

7. If you listen to talk radio, call in and express support for reforming the laws that govern marijuana. Many topics lend themselves to including a discussion of marijuana law. Dialogue about taxes are great for putting forth the facts about costs of continuing to prohibit marijuana use. 

8. If you have a website, link to Click here to get more information about linking up to

9. If you’re a medical professional, an attorney, an elected official, a medical marijuana patient (or have a loved one who is), or member of the clergy or law enforcement, contact the marijuana law reform organization you support. Inquire about additional ways you can help.

10. If you’re a student, decide to make marijuana law reform the focus or topic for your next research paper or report; you’ll be providing useful information to your fellow students and to your professors, as well.

Finally, the next time someone tells you there’s nothing you can do to affect marijuana law reform, give them this list!

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