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If you are a criminal defense attorney, and are looking for more referrals for marijuna related offenses you should consider being part of our legal team. This is a great opportunity for you to attract new clients and further build name recognition. We are seeking firms with the following qualities.
-   Reputable, with verifiable credentials
-   Proven track record defending marijuna cases
-   Cost effective Solutions
-   Quality legal assistance
-   Community involvement
Many of our visitors need legal assistance and do not know where to turn. When they need legal help, our visitors will see only a few names; one of them will be yours. If we select your firm as one of the few we feature on our site, you will get exclusive space on our Marijuana Laws web page. You will then be able to use this space to display your name, provide your contact information and even a link to your firmís website. This is a great way to generate quality new referrals for your criminal law practice.
  Individual Attorney Private attorney profile for one county
  Public Defender Public defender profile for one county
  CJA Lawyers CJA lawyers profile for one county
  Multi County Attorney For attorneys who pratice in more than one county
    Receive a 10-40% discount for multiple county listings.  
    Be seen on several county law pages in your region.  
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